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There are 658 million internet users in India in January 2022. India’s internet penetration was 47 percent at the beginning of 2022.Over 500 million Indians are now use smartphones; 15 percent increase from 2018. Pharmacies have been using traditional channels of communicating and reaching out to customers. With the Digital revolution, it is essential that organizations target customers where they are. To have an expanded reach, it is essential to establish an online presence and market yourself on multiple channels.

Strategies to encourage Customer-centric engagement

● Customers today are looking for a seamless digital experience, but also want to connect personally with brands and businesses online. Independent pharmacies should seek to boost their brand awareness by increasing their visibility on social media and on search engines; using Digital ads to market themselves and customer-centric programs can encourage customers to re-visit website/store. Branding helps you create a memorable identity for your pharmacy business, including a mission and vision statement and brand story

● Social Media platforms can be exploited to enhance branding. Facebook is one of the top 10 most-visited websites in the world along with YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, creating and maintaining active social media accounts can help you build a following and engage your patient base. You can customize your campaign and target potential customers through it.

● Interacting with customers on platforms like Zoom, Google meet and hosting online webinars and seminars can accelerate your growth. Connecting with local businesses through community events and collaborations and reaching out customers directly via email can also help.

● Retaining customers is just as important to business longevity as finding new ones. Pharmacies can offer innovative solutions to customer problems. Promotional activities often play an important role in generating excitement among customers. Clubbing seasonal events with offers and coupons are a popular way of engaging customers and increase sales. These offers can be age centric, event centric, location centric or product centric. While making these special offers, the unique value can be highlighted

Thus, Reach-Connect-Engage- Earn-Grow and Build relationships that last beyond lives.

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