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10 Reasons why the Pharma marketers Were Right About SMS marketing to Trade

1. Reach: A valid contact of a chemist to reach out to your geography of interest will make wonders

2. Cost: The cost per SMS per chemist is the least as compared to traditional modes of communication like inperson visit

3. Speed: The speed to reach your target audience via SMS marketing is regarded as the best. It is estimated an all India chemist reach of 4+ lacs can be done in less than 20 min.

4. Lead Generation: Two-way communication will help you in generating leads and interest from the target audience

5. Survey / Feedback: Collect feedback from the chemist about your products, competitor

6. Engage in Contest : The new game is to engage via gamification to have better brand recall

7. New Launch: A new launch desires noise and a valid chemist reach will help you create the same. Ensure the service provider has a validated count and permission from the chemist

8. Price / Pack change: A immediate announcement about Price / Pack change can be done via SMS Marketing

9. Brand Acquisition: Acquired a new brand, want to keep your trade informed & updated via SMS Marketing

10. Local Connect: SMS Marketing has helped pharma marketers connect chemist with the local rep.

Blog By Ashish Jain