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Synopsis of LPC 150- Pharma 4.0 you must know..

● We had the honor to hear from some of the most dynamic, versatile, vibrant personalities incl. Guest of honor - Dr Ram Kishan. Deputy Drugs Controller (India), CDSCO Hyderabad Zonal Office opened showing the best practices happening across regulation and the drastic improvement done at every stage. Extending support to the Department of Pharmaceutical Management, NIPER Hyderabad to collaborate with the regulators and industry to prepare future pharma students.

● Eminent speakers Shashi Bala Singh, chairperson, NIPER Hyderabad & Mr. Chakravarthi AVPS, Global Ambassador, World Packaging Org. & many others across the industry had a common feeling - The future of the Indian pharma industry is bright, with significant growth potential and opportunities for innovation and expansion. “Apna time aa Gaya”.

● Pharma 4.0 was discussed by speakers which included topics on big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things (IoT), and cloud computing, with the aim of transforming the pharmaceutical industry from a traditional, labor-intensive, and capital-intensive model to a data-driven, agile, and customer-focused model. The key benefits of Pharma 4.0 include improved product quality, reduced time-to-market, increased efficiency, enhanced traceability, and improved patient outcomes. It also enables greater collaboration and transparency across the pharmaceutical value chain, including drug discovery, clinical trials, manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution.

● The next growth drivers will be in emerging Marketing including Africa, Asia Pac, Latin America, India, Algeria, and Argentina. The top therapy area to have double-digit growth include Oncology, Immunology, Diabetics & Cardiovascular. The next game-changing area will be biohacking & nanotechnology.

Women in Pharma: Currently, It is observed in the pharma industry it is male-dominated. Women may account for less than 5%, however, in the current admission in institutes like NIPER the women population is the majority. Women have taken leadership in many companies like BIOCON, Piramal, Apollo, Lupin etc.,

Role of Medical Rep: Medical Rep. can be aided with digital tools. Tools can be replaced not the Medical Rep

In Learning & Development: Digital technologies are being used to screen candidates, and provide employees with online training & development programs, including elearning modules, webinars, and virtual training sessions. However, the panel felt the need to have a phygital approach for better impact.

Poster Presentations by students of Department of Pharmaceutical Management, NIPER Hyderabad was innovative and eye openers to see the future is geared up to scale pharma to new heights. Cases of Digital transformation using IoT, AI, Robotics, Blockchain & Data Analytics used in various functions of Indian pharma was presented by 6 groups of students from NIPER Hyderabad

Overall LPC and NIPER has crafted LPC 150 Event on 12th march 2023 with lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

Blog By Ashish Jain