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Digiclouds showering at Indian Pharma Industry

● While we are experiencing the monsoon season here in India this July. We are observing a shower of Digital adaption in pharma marketing. The key stakeholders including Doctors , Patients and Chemist(Medical Stores) are being gripped with the new digital wave. Some unique cases are seen which is worth appraising

1. Digi Display for Patient Education

Kiosk TVs are now displayed in the waiting area for patients to be educated on better health. Short movies are being built to sensitize the patient towards better care and built curiosity to ask Doctors about new diseases

2. Self Test Machines

Machines or Apps are now being developed to give a quick reference check to patients. Big opportunity for pharma companies while they organize the patient camp.

3. Live Coverage of Medical Conferences

Pharma companies are now participating in enabling live coverage of medical content to their busy doctors. All is now being available on a click. A great platform for companies to advertise their brands thru KOL Doctors. Companies get real time analysis of Doctor viewing habits and later position their products accordingly.

4. Medical Sensor Devices enabling IoT

● Many devices are now being programme to give auto alert to patient care taker and Doctors about the patient medical condition. The same is being offered by pharma companies in form of device or app to patients. Hereby helping patient connect seamlessly in times of need.

5. Digital MRs

● Doctor detailing is now being delivered via WhatsApp,Email.

● Tablets used by MRs are being tracked to understand the efficiency and effectiveness of calls

● Detailing are being customized to Doctor's patient profile.

Going forward digital will enable pharma industry in being focus to their approach by segmenting , targeting and positioning their offering.

Happy Monsoon, Be Healthy..

Blog By Ashish Jain