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Medgini miss call service is widely used because
  • 1. Free for your customers - Increase response from them
  • 2. Automatic disconnect after one ring - Easy to use
  • 3. Multiple response options - SMS, Call
  • 4. Single Pan India Number - Integrate with your brand message
  • 5. Get detailed reports & Measure campaign response accurately

Lead Generation

If you are looking for quality and cost-effective lead generation services, offer feedback, database development, management and selling services. We help in instant awareness and measuring acceptance for your brands either new launch or existing launch. Medgini team of experienced professionals developed a fool-proof and efficient process to generate high-potential leads. The leads were generated based on several pre-determined parameters such as type of audience, geographical locationof the company, annual turnover of the company and the core-products of the company. The leads were then shared by client regularly. We do Lead Generation using Telephonic Discussion or with the help of Auto Response Services

When to use this service ?
  • 1. Lead Generation
  • 2. Customer Mobile Number Verification
  • 3. Information on Demand
  • 4. Opt in Services
  • 5. Availability Analysis
  • 6. Feedback
  • 7. Auto call Back