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Reliable & fast interaction with the client becomes increasingly important in today's business environment, together with the ever-increasing number of communication channels.The competitive business environment forces the companies to achieve this objective in the most cost-effective way. Many companies need to reach their customers periodically and also at special occasions for various reasons be it New Launch, Personalised Greetings etc.,are just some of the common examples.

Benefits of the solution
  • Ready access to 2.12 lacs of Doctors across various specialisation.
  • Flexibility to do campaign for any specialisation.
  • Major Speciality Includes - Gynaecologist,Opthomologist, Physican.
  • Personalised Greetings on their Birthdays.
  • Special Days Greetings.
  • Educate via SMS, Print, Email.
  • Inform New Launch instanenously.