About Us

Welcome to Medgini

With the sole intention of forming a common podium for Drug Marketers, Stockist and Retailers in the pharmaceutical industry, we at Medgini have tried to structure and format our products and services in such a way that they minimise your efforts and yet produce exceptional results. One of our main objectives is to decrease the communication gap between drug manufacturers and retailers or suppliers. By conveying the right information to the right set of people and at the right time, we hope to create an atmosphere wherein medical information can be availed of easily, without any hassle.

We currently have the support of more than 235000+ retailers pan INDIA. We are also expanding to other territories. With a loyal medical supplier base, we are confident that any drug prescribed by a doctor can be procured at the shortest notice as retailers would have access to the detailed information about the entire gamut of new drugs, schemes, promotions, stockist and drug manufacturer details through our network. Better still, all this information can be sent to mobile phones in a matter of seconds. We understand that the pharmaceutical industry thrives on new and brilliant talent; therefore we have tried to ensure that the ones who have what it takes to excel gets the opportunity to prove their worth.

Solution Offering

Visit us at www.medgini.com
Hotline Number : 040-40055004 (Mon-Sat : 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM)
3 Lac + Drug Base which is being updated continuosly
Presently There Exist 43384 + Distributors Stockists of Major Companies
Drug Companies 5000 (Local + National)
Targeting 3.27 Lac Retailers Pan INDIA and spreading to other States.

Key Strength

  •   Authentic, Valuable dbase of retailers across India
  •   Reach with Retailers across India in just minutes
  •   Communicate Reg. New Lauch, Offer/Scheme, Recall Drugs.
  •   Provide Updated information to Retailers from our Call Center
  •   Auto SMS alert for any enquiry generated for your company